Trans Power Corporation of Mississippi

Trans Power Fleet Operations

Life Critical Rules

 Violation of any of the Trans Power Corp of MS ‘Life Critical Rules’ can result in immediate termination

1. Maintain a minimum 50 ft distance from all other equipment while offloading materials. In the event that you are dumping, and another Unit is encroaching within 50 ft of your unit; Use the mill channel to announce your Unit number and location, so that SDI Yard Personnel are made aware.

2. All Coil loads must be tarped, regardless of what BOL says. In the event of Rain, Driver must also ask for and use a ‘Blue Bag’

3. All Coil loads must be protected from making contact with the floor and load rails of the trailer. Use of the rubber matting provided to all drivers is mandatory, damage to a Coil load for failing to properly protect the load is a terminable offense. If rubber matting is not available, ask load for cardboard sheets as a last resort.

4. Lock Out/Tag Out on all mobile and stationary equipment undergoing service must be observed

5. Controlled substance abuse – including possession, sale, or use of illicit drugs or alcohol or misuse of prescription drugs.

6. Failure to Report all accidents, incidents, or near misses immediately.

7. Failure to follow Mobile equipment safety, including speed limits, failure to yield, or follow other approved procedures.

8. Failure to follow Tran Power Corporation or site-specific PPE rules for your specific job.

9. Unsafe conduct such as horseplay, games, possession of weapons (firearms, knives, batons, bludgeons), or operating equipment without following all proper procedures.

10. Seat belts will be used while operating or riding as a passenger at all time while operating vehicle

11. You must come to a complete stop at all Railroad crossing points. Railroad equipment has the right of way.

12. All heavy equipment has the right of way (Slag Haulers, Molten metal carriers, etc.)

13. Maintain a minimum 10 ft distance from all other equipment while operating equipment

14. Haz/Fuel spills. Do not attempt cleanup, immediately notify TP Supervisor and/or SDI Supervisor

15. Cell phone use is prohibited, to include the use of wired or wireless headsets

16. Do not break the posted Speed Limits and you must obey all posted signage. Trans Power Yards all have a speed limit of 5 MPH

17. In the event of a weather event, requiring you to take Shelter. If within the mill, ask any SDI Employee to guide you to nearest Shelter Area. If at a Trans Power yard, ask any Trans Power employee to guide you to the nearest shelter area.

All SDI Properties are ZERO TOLERANCE zones for unsafe or dangerous behavior. Failure to follow all rules and wear PPE at all times can result in immediate termination of your employment



I have reviewed the information and rules outlined. I understand that it is my responsibility to operate safely at all times. By submitting my name as an e-signature, I am acknowledging that I understand these rules. I acknowledge that the rules have been thoroughly explained to me.

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